Bellum Caeli Flagrantis

The Journey South

Wisdom is for the weak

While spending the night in an abandoned watch tower, Torrent reveals to the party of heroes that her plan to reach Lyceum in the city of Seaquen involves travel through the famed Fire Forest of Innenotdar, an unholy wood that has been subject to a mighty conflagration, burning unchecked for 40 years. Travel on this perilous path is sure to dissuade pursuit, she explains, and is the most direct shot south to the kingdom of Dassen, in which Seaquen lies. In order to survive the travel through the forest inferno, Torrent has a stash of several cooling draughts that, while not powerful enough to protect from direct flame, should stave off the effects of the heat while traveling through the woods. As long as they stay on the road, they should be able to make the day-long travel through the Fire Forest with little danger.

The heroes agree to this risky plan but, setting off in the morning, are set upon once more by the Black Horse Mercenaries, led this time by both Renard Woodsman, their commander, and Kathor Danava. Once again, the party is able to fend off the bounty hunters, killing Woodsman in the process and capturing Danava. After agreeing to free him in exchange for information, Danava explains that the Ragesians had hired the Black Horse Mercenaries to recapture the case of intelligence and reveals the location of the Black Horse camp, which contains valuable loot. Once more, Kathor is allowed to live, to the chagrin of some in the party, who suspect that he will be pop up again somewhere down the line.

After further travel, the party encounters a dwarf construction site, where a new outpost and bridge over a great chasm are being constructed. Accused of being Ragesian spies, the party is captured and led to meet king Marben Diamondheart who acknowledges that the newly founded demesne of Fermat’s Pass is facing some trouble with disappearing supplies and faulty engineering in the hydraulics systems. If the party can find solutions for these issues, he would be forced to admit that they are not, in fact, spies and would happily release them to continue their journey. Unfortunately, though they give a valiant effort, the party’s investigations prove fruitless, and the heroes are sentenced to imprisonment. At the moment that they plot a daring escape, Fermat’s Pass is attacked from beneath by a horde of kobold raiders, and the party pitches in to protect the dwarves and their homes. After a long and bloody but victorious battle, the dwarf King Diamondheart is forced to admit that the heroes are not spies and sends them on their way.

Soon, the Fire Forest of Innenotdar is in sight and the party is awestruck by the pyroclasm engulfing the forest and the half-mile wide field of ash that surrounds the horrid wood. On the edge of this field, a lone farmhouse sits, in which the party finds Crystin Ja-Nafeel and her aged father Haddin Ja-Laffa. Both wizards of some skill and Crystin blessed/cursed with visions of the future, the pair fear the advent of the Ragesian Scourge and ask to join the party on their trip through the blazing forest. The heroes agree to escort the wizards to Lyceum but are set upon before they can depart by an Inquisitor named Boreus and his troops. After a pitched battle, the party manages to defeat the Ragesians and sets out for the Fire Forest.



The Journey South

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