Bellum Caeli Flagrantis

The Fire Forest (cont.)

And the story continues...

And the story continues…
We have collected a bunch of clues, which include:
Tiljann is tired of singing song…wants another solution
• Vuhl thinks life is meaningless. If you have freedom from the song of suffering, you free the stag!
• The Song of Forms’ original purpose was to give the spirit of the forest form during rituals
• There are monsters in lake – including the children of the lake nymph (now a hag named Gwenvere), who owns the lock of hair of Anyariel.
Tiljann’s favorite tale is of bard who left in search of adventure in the world (Etinifi)
• Vuhl gets dizzy when the Living Blade verse of the Song of Forms is sung… “the Forest heart in Timbre’s glade.”
• Timbre is mourning her lost love (Anyariel) in forest glade.
• The First spirit of forest was planted by dragon Syana, in Timbre’s grove.

We decided to go visit the Hag for clues on how to deal with Timbre, the Dryad. As we rowed across the lake, we came across a cave. As we attempted to enter the cave, the Hag of the lake appeared and sent her water-borne minions against us.

After fleeing the battle when seriously injured, the Hag ran into the cave and cowered next to her homemade altar of Anyariel’s hair. After taking the hair and being cursed with even more ugliness, Reogar’s actions freed the lake nymph from her Hag-like nature and she headed for the shrine to meet Nelle the unicorn with renewed vigor.

Thus, we were off to Timbre’s glade with Anyariel’s hair. After convincing Timbre to talk to our party, we came to understand that taking up the sword of Anyariel would free the spirit and could perhaps give rebirth to the fey denizens.

Coming back to the lake, Fern dismissed the water surrounding the stag and we sunk to the lake’s bottom in the company of the spirit: a Trillith, child of Trilla, a gold Dragon once held hostage by Emperor Drakus Coaltongue.

Before we could take action, we were attacked by fish-like humanoids that we killed handily. After taking the sword out of the stag (a burden taken up by Quo Varis) the Trillith trampled a few seela villagers and then ran off into the forest. Vuhl transformd into a tentacle monster that flew into the sky and disappeared. Vuhl’s real name: Deception, according to Crystin’s vision. We will meet him again.



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