Bellum Caeli Flagrantis

In the Fire Forest

What kind of fool goes into the giant fire forest other than one escaping a greater evil? Left with few options we went into this mess at behest of Lia. Who turns out didn’t even stick around long enough to see us through it. I’m not sure what happened but after setting off into the fire forest we ran into our first burning semi undead monstrosities: Giant bats who were attacking some Halfling sized burning goblin creature. My party rushed right in without any thought and decided to help the fire goblin creature. We’re lucky we weren’t taken advantage of by this creature and at some point during the fighting Lia disappeared and we haven’t seen her since. She was probably a Ragesian spy. Not sure why she would have left without the case though. Probably not a very good spy…

No one really says anything about Lia having gone back to Ragesia or her failure to bring the case with her. I sometimes wonder if they are spies too. Better not to mention that she left and just play along… Maybe I’ll mention it to the seemingly trustworthy undead warlock… Wait the most trustworthy person I’m with is an undead warlock… I’m screwed.

It wasn’t long after that we ran into another Ragesian spy. This one didn’t even try to hide it. He openly described himself as a Ragesian “thief”. Only reason I didn’t fry him right there is because the Warlock decided to let him come south with us. Maybe the Warlock is a spy too… Wait no he can’t be they would exterminate him… I don’t know maybe they make exceptions for good spies or something.

So we’re trying to cross this bridge right? Why we’re trusting a bridge in this giant conflagration is beyond me but you know the saying “When in Gate Pass do as the Gatepassians do. What a stupid saying I shouldn’t have listened to my party. They are too trusting, hell they brought the evil mind controller and he is both a Ragesian spy and is going to give me whatever vile disease he has… Anyway the bridge is of course crumbling under our feet AND it’s haunted by two giant clouds of undead flaming bats. I remember seeing the bats come, I remember seeing our new half orc Ragesian spy run away from them. But then Black. When I woke up I had bites all over and little scorch marks. I hate bats… Apparently a shrub came to life and decided to help us during the fight. Seems a nice enough little shrub and I’m pretty sure that shrubs can’t be Ragesian spies…. Or Can they? I’ll have to investigate to make sure.

After that mess I needed to investigate the half orc Ragesian spy and this shrub creature thing. I tasted a leaf from the shrub and it was bitter but definitely not a disguise. I’m convinced it’s not a spy. The cave had pictograms describing this Razortooth Goblin tribe that lived here once and we found that a really grimy old journal and some other items that leads me to believe that the Eladrin were equipping the goblins. But for what purpose? I’ll hold onto this journal. Pretty sure the Eladrin are not all Ragesian spies… Hope so anyway. I was going to investigate the self-proclaimed Ragesian Spy but I fell asleep in the cave… it was so cool and comfortable.

They had to drag me kicking and screaming from the cave back into the god forsaken fire forest and my wanting to stay proved to be the right call as we were attacked by hellhounds and a devil, named Kazyk. Probably because the Half Orc told them where we were but Van seems convinced it is because of the bone. I dropped it but see it sticking out of the Half Orc’s pack. Definitely a spy. We defeated the devil’s minions and he disappeared. I’m sure we will see him again. He missed a finger on his hand but made up for it by wearing it around his neck on a string. I hope that won’t be a fashion statement I’ll be expected to make in the future. It was probably bitten off by those dogs or maybe the firebats. I guess I’d carry my finger on my neck if it wasn’t attached to my hand anymore but I’d rather have it attached to my hand.. Definitely.

You know for being a giant everburning-forest this giant conflagration seems to be a pretty happening place. We came across a half-dragon sitting in the middle of the path. Not hiding like a sane person would do just kind of hanging out in the middle of the road. Khadral or something equally inappropriate for a dragon. I wonder if he has a dragon’s horde to go along with the scales… Anyway he seemed like a good guy… err dragon thing. He wanted help with some ritual. I asked for a vote on the matter and these fools want to hang out in the fireforest for longer because this nice enough dragon thing thinks he has the magic to put an end to this mess yet he needs our help to collect Mushrooms.

Priest and Sorcerer yes… Gardener no. But this is not a hill to die on. I’ll do what they want and save my capital on something that really matters. Still I kind of hope that the ritual isn’t successful. The forest will keep us protected from the greater part of the Ragesian host.

So off we go into this cave; round up some fungus; and smash some giant mushroom heads. So we give the Dragonborn his fungus and he whisks us off to help him with this ritual, gets me trapped in some giant cursed tree trap and disappears like a coward down a hole. I was probably wrong. He probably IS a Ragesian spy.



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