Bellum Caeli Flagrantis


Flames in the hills!

• After stopping goblins from opening gate, Khadral sacrificed himself to close the gate.

• We traveled back to the Eladrin village to return Torfendar’s remains

• Along the way a purplish whirling wind appeared in front of us with a humanish looking man with horns and a tail. He was leaning on a glaive.

• As we approached him he said “Hail champions it is sad we meet in such a vile place and under such cruel conditions. I know you flee Gate Pass.” He went on to tell us that his name is Kazyk and he wants to work with us to thwart the Ragesians. He revealed that he had been charged to kill us before we left the Fire Forest of Innenotdar | Burning Forest and to take the case that Van has been carrying. Kazyk continued to divulge that there was a way around the contract to which he was bound. If we were to go down the river and stop the singing Fey who were responsible for keeping the forest burning, then there would be no “burning forest” to keep us from leaving.

• We decided to investigate the lake and the singing fey so that we could make an informed decision.

• Kazyk disappeared in a puff of smoke and we headed toward the village where we returned and buried Torfendar’s remains in a traditional Eladrin ceremony.

• We were allowed to enter the shrine of Anyariel beneath the stone tree. A blue light bathed us as we descended into the bowels of the earth. We could hear a whispering song of ancient Eladrin dreams. We entered a large chamber dominated by a huge statue of an Elven woman plunging a sword into the heart of a Stag. At the foot of the statue were a slumbering Eladrin in a magical stasis and a dead elf (Bhurisrava). We decided to leave them sleeping.

• We slept in the village that night and Crystin Ja-Nafeel had the following vision “The blood walls course with life. And the heart of man and beast fills with its fire. The mask is laid bare and with the submissive spirit’s willful release, the world’s vitality is restored. Spring will dawn at the Phoenix’s last flight, and the land will rejoice."

• We awoke to an attack by swarms from the forest but we sent them to a fiery grave.

• As we attempted to depart, crossing the ancient elven bridge, we heard the mournful song of a fairy maiden as she flew over the river on dragonfly wings. She approached the tower and as she examined the glyphs on the door two winged male fey appeared with spears impaling her in the sides as she wailed her haunting melody. When we went to assist the weeping maiden, several more winged male fey appeared and engaged us in battle.

• We fought off the fey without killing any and the maiden, who revealed herself as Tiljann informed us that she was seeking an object of beauty. She told us the tale of why her people sing, to keep the stag in corporal form, so that it stays impaled in the bottom of the lake.

• We came to the village and an upstart young Fey named Vuhl wants us to cause something so shocking that the others stop singing long enough to free the stag in the lake. He suggests that killing a Dryad named Timbre would cause such a shock.

• We look at options of possibly going into the lake and trying to physically free the stag, and we spoke to many in the village but in the end we decided to approach Timbre.



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