Living Blade

This wooden blade shaped from the branch of a willow tree holds the passion and vigor of a living forest. Imbued with the life song and vitality of the woodland inhabitants, the Living Blade is a protector and defender of nature. Originally crafted by the dryad, Timbre, from a branch of the First Tree of the Forest of Innenotdar, it was given to Anyariel as a gift. For forty years, it has pinned the trillith Indomitability to the bottom of a lake. Only recently has it been removed.

Goals of the Living Blade

  • Defend the normal cycle of death and rebirth of nature.
  • Give trillith the deaths they so richly deserve.
  • Become an inspiration and beacon of hope to woodland races.

The Living Blade is currently wielded by Quo Varis.

Living Blade

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