Gate Pass


The Free City-State of Gate Pass lies in the Otdar Mountains, which is the eastern border of Ragesia. The pass is a major conduit between Ragesia and their eladrin allies to the east, the Shahalesti. Control of it is vital.

Population 17,000; another 2,000 or so live on the countryside and upper mountain slopes within a few miles of the main gates. The citizens of Gate Pass are mostly human. A sizeable orc and half-orc population represents about 20% of the city. A small elven refugee population is the only other significant group, with half-elves, dwarves, and gnomes filling out the rest.

Government A half-orc individual named Merrick Hurt is the city’s governor. He presides over a city council represented by individuals from each ward and district in the city. The council is responsible for managing the military, commerce, and public projects. According to most of the populace, the council is largely ineffectual and is easily swayed by citizen groups, wealthy merchants, religious concerns, and military groups.

Defense Numbering in the hundreds, the Gate Pass Guard also act as constables. Most guards are responsible for watching the gates and kill zones around the city. A small unit of twenty griffon riders patrols the farms in the outlying area and represents the only cavalry.

Inns Inns are most often found at the outermost districts of the city with the exception of a few around the grand square. The quality of accommodations lessens the farther away the inn is from the Emelk Way. Famous locations: Dassen Arms (5 stars, the best); Griffon Suites (4 stars); Harrigan’s Inn (1 star, the worst).

Taverns Some well-known taverns are Flaming Forest Alehouse (5 stars); Seaquen’s Spirits (3 stars); Poison Apple Pub (2 stars); One-to-Go tavern (1 star).

Supplies Two-Winds Trading; Menash’s Provisions; Adventurer’s Trove.

Temples The Saraswatin (Ioun); Mercineum ( Aquiline Cross/Bahamut); Stronghold (Kord); The Bacchanal (Avandra); Dassen Stone (Moradin); Fertile Fields (Pelor); Shrine to Corellon.

Other Important Factions Gabal’s School of Wizardry, the Thieves’ Guild, The Resistance.

Gate Pass

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