The Kingdom of Dassen lies to the south of Ragesia, and the southwest of Shahalesti, its borders defined by craggy mountains defended by hundreds of small dwarven strongholds. Dassen’s people, a swarthy assortment of humans and dwarves, cherish their land, to the point that superstitious cavalrymen even put dirt in their boots so never have to stop touching the soil of their homeland.

King Steppengard rules a patchwork of eight feudal holdings, many of them controlled by distant relatives with claims to the throne of numbing complexity. To assure that he never has to worry about untangling these claims, Steppengard has had a huge family with eighteen children, all legitimate on the word of his oath.

Originally known as the Eight Lands, Dassen was unified fifteen years ago and a ninth region was carved out, which became the holding of King Steppengard. King Steppengard rules over the eight feudal lords and ladies, known as The Council of Nine, as well as dozens of minor dwarven nobles who govern their own small holdings in the mountains.

There are no mighty cities in Dassen, only thousands of farms and towns growing out from the nine castles of the king and his dukes. The largest city, Bresk, lies on a major river beside Steppengard’s castle, and is a hilly community built both above and below ground, a sprawling walled fortress on the banks of the Nasham River. It is home to King Steppengard’s castle. It’s population is a mix of humans and dwarves with a small number of orcs (65% human, 28% dwarf, 5% orc, 1% half-orc, 1% other).

The second most prominent settlement is Gallo’s Fend, a fortress city on the northern border, hundreds of years old, which long served to keep enemies from entering the nation.

At the southern tip of Dassen lies Seaquen, home of Lyceum.Enwbs4 dassen


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