Bresk (Small City)

Population 10,000 — Mixed race distribution (65% human, 28% dwarf, 5% orc, 1% half-orc, 1% other)

Government Dassen is a monarchy, and King Steppengard sits on the throne, but the town of Bresk has a mayor appointed by the King’s advisors. Political aspirants often stoop to bribery and graft to secure a position as mayor.

Defense Walled castle with an active complement of 300 armed troops available on call. At this moment, the town has over 1,500 troops on duty to protect the king.

Inns There are around 30 inns in Bresk. The Golden Griffon is one of the higher-end establishments, catering to minor nobles and highly placed bureaucrats.

Taverns There are at least 80 taverns and taprooms of differing quality and price range around town. At this time, every location is charging double for drinks because of the winter and dwindling supplies.

Temples There are no temples in the city, though shrines abound. Religion is important and highly respected, but the influence it has in the city is secondary to the king’s court. Because the Eight Lands Boon provides great protection from gullibility, the religious clergy must honestly treat the nobles as equals.

The walled city of Bresk rises above the hills around it, with the castle perched on a rocky protrusion called the Great Hill. It overlooks the wide river and the Toraest Steppes to the east. Much of the castle lies underground, as do many parts of the city, which is home to several thousand humans, dwarves, and others.

The city itself is generally unfriendly to outsiders, and most of the real culture of Bresk thrives in tunnels excavated by dwarves over the centuries. Most foreigners never delve below the surface to see the bustling markets and solemn temples, illuminated by clever skylights and mighty braziers tens of feet tall.

Breskan architecture is stout and broad and features various great cats, gem patterns, and sphinx statues. People dress in multiple layers of drab clothes; Breskans are unaccustomed to long-lasting chill weather, and the tunnels underground are much warmer.

Where the traditional religions of the troubled Dassen of old were devoted mostly to strength, battle, and warfare, the unification of the nation brought a sect of the goddess Donhofreya (whose portfolio includes the land, healing, and war) that has devoted itself to healing the nation. The prelates of Donhofreya have gained much respect, and many of them serve in the army, eagerly contributing a mixture of militarism and medicine. The Knights of the Aquiline Cross are on good terms with the Donhofreya prelacy.


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