Reogar is a half-orc of few words. Most people, he believes, think too little and say too much. His shaggy black hair fans out above his ears and below in wide, sweeping mutton chops.



Reogar was raised by his orc father Wulfgar, a modestly wealthy locksmith in an otherwise poverty stricken Gate Pass ghetto. After his father died, Reogar was adopted by his uncle Lukas, brother to his human mother who died giving birth to a second child (Reogar’s sister lived only a few weeks after their mother’s death). Lukas was, and still is, a well connected burglar and a member of the Gate Pass Thieves’ Guild in good standing. Lukas passed on to Reogar his professional code of conduct, the following of which, he claims, is the key to his continued success:

I. Never squeal. II. Never rattle. III. Never burn.

In other words: I. Never rat out a fellow thief. II. Never give away information for nothing (in general, always hold one’s tongue). III. Never steal from a fellow thief (always share the payoff equally).


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