Quo Varis

Eladrin SwordMage


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A novice member of the Solei Palancis the elite Eladrin military unit, Quo Varis was sent to determine the truth of rumors that Ragesian aggression was turning toward Shahalesti. Quo Varis was never a fan of his King’s alliance with Drakus Coaltongue and his efforts to dominate the lands, always believing the Ragesian’s ruler could easily set sight on their homeland as well. Why his king was so sure such an event was not to be anticipated, he was unable to fathom. But here seemed to be the actual events he feared taking place….

More recently, Quo Varis has been tasked by Shealis to accompany the Case of Ragesian military intelligence that is being carried by the party to Lyceum.

Quo Varis

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