Sultry, Flirtatious, Fire Mage


This woman of fiery red hair and slender curves holds herself with a sultry air of practiced overconfidence. She dresses as if she is the iconic fire sorcerer, wearing a red robe with extravagantly flowing sleeves, a tight belt with spell components, and long leather boots. A bulky velvet glove covers her left hand, and with the heavy sleeve it nearly hides the silvery gauntlet and metal guard that protects her forearm.

In front of a crowd, Katrina is full of bravado and drawls out her sentences with a cutting effect. Men especially are beneath her obvious intellect and beauty and they are merely playthings to help her get her way. She calls any man “boy,” and teases him with pats on the cheek, arm or rear when attempting to persuade him. No matter what, her comparison of a man’s skills and attributes are always in comparison to her obviously superior ones and it is clear that her “toy” is only given the privilege of helping her at her whim, not his.

It should finally be noted that she is the younger sister of Rantle.



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