Bellum Caeli Flagrantis

Whistling in the Dark

Inflammable means flammable?

Entering the underwater temple, Aquila, we discovered several “mutated” forms of sea life, including crabs, squids, and a humanoid skum. The lobstrosities had soft bellies, so we dug in, buffet-style. After the fight, we discovered loot under the fountain (from which I took a drink, regrettably), but I don’t think that’s why the others wanted to come here. The flooded temple held some significance, perhaps, for our seela acquaintance, Tiljann, who is researching the life of the bard Etinifi. Maybe the temple led Etinifi to the location of The Aquiline Heart, maybe not. All we had to go on was a cryptic clue: souls of the dead gather on the storm and let a black rain fall upon the land.

Speaking of rain, it hasn’t stopped for days now and doesn’t show any signs of letting up, which is good for one thing, if nothing else: putting out all these burning buildings.

The fires sprung up here and there in South Harbor and more recently in North Harbor. The city’s magistrate, a split-braid bearded dwarf named Lorb Vortberd (he didn’t accept the promotion I mistakenly gave him when I called him ‘Lord’, but, then, dwarves are an ungrateful lot), suspected that the fires were the work of the White Wyrms. Our investigations, however, point more toward inflammable rats. Van and Quo Varis are currently researching a possible connection between the rats and the pyromancer, Damatarios, in Lyceum’s extensive library.

Regarding Nelebekus — it vexes me even to write the name — and the Ragesian conspiracy to subvert Seaquen … I’ve got nothing really but a collection of wild (and pitifully underdetermined, as my wilden friend, Fern, is good to remind me, lest I give myself completely over to madness and paranoia) theories:

I. Mr. Paradim Dogwood (who offers a magical service which alters a person’s appearance) has disguised Nelebekus.

II. Brutus, the mage, who was seen with Mr. Paradim at the home of Lee Sidoneth, is Nelebekus, disguised, see I.

III. (Van’s theory, which I adopt as equiprobable): Katrina is a spy for the Ragesian Empire and was attempting to bring the blood globes to Seaquen before she was captured by the tiefling witches.

IV. Guthwulf, blood globes, druid’s orb, control rod, White Wyrm machinery, &c.

There are many more, but I can’t help but think that I am losing too much sleep to my neurosis, so my journal reminds me once again to close.


Yesterday’s war council was interrupted by the Shahalesti military. A stunningly beautiful eladrin of high rank, Princess Shalosha, demanded control over the region and has set up a blockade around the port city with a small fleet of Shahalesti warships. It’s not enough that we have to worry about stopping the Ragesians; now it seems that conflict between the Shahalesti and the people of Seaquen is brewing. There’s much to be done. I’m off this morning to see what Van and Quo Varis have dug up at the library. Also, Shalosha informed Quo Varis that his mission to carry the Case to Lyceum is complete and that he should return to Shahalesti to take up his position as a knight of the Solei Palancis. Quo Varis is torn between his patriotism and his loyalty to his comrades in battle.


OOOOH.. he was selling the ship. Now I get it!

Whistling in the Dark

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