Bellum Caeli Flagrantis

Tomb of the Fire Lord

Dungeon Crawl lol

Reogar attempted to open a chest we found, but it grew a pseudopod and attacked him. Knocking him into the muck, pinning him there.

A large robot with blue eyes burst out of a nearby broom closet to help.

We battled and slew the morphing chest without much injury, but Reogar looked a bit foolish at being beat up by a piece of furniture.

The blue-eyed robot, who introduced himself as Pious, had large metallic muscles and sharp protruding nipples carved into his titanium chest.

Reogar opened the chest found in Lee Sidoneth’s laboratory and discovered some letters that revealed information about Paradim Dogwood, the “Masters Army,” a “Book of Secrets,” and a password “Eshu.” Reogar seemed to hide some of the letters in his cloak, so I’m not sure what exactly he’s up to.

We continued to investigate the ruins of the jail and as we crept down a passage a flock of skeletal prisoners slipped out of their shackles and attacked us. Merrick insisted that these skeletons were safe and we could pass, but he was wrong as usual. Reogar offered some strategic advice which turned out only to line us up for the spewing vomit of several of the undead monstrosities. But in the end we were victorious.

We swam down a flooded passageway and came up in an area with a pool of water. I noticed something moving in the water and warned everyone but the mortals of this world move too slowly. They did not react before a group of tentacled aberrations attacked. We killed them.

We came across a room with a red light emanating from below the water. My rituals of nature allowed me to lower the water and enter the room. We searched the area to discover a long shaft with a fiery red light at the end.

Pious & Reogar went down the tunnel and found a dry chamber below. Emerging from the watery tunnel we were attacked by a “Bear Masked” guy who was Leska’s servant, an Inquisitor named Damius. He stood like a coward on the other side of a ravine with a squad of archers to support him, but when we struck, he wept like a maiden as we dropped his companions where they stood. After all of his allies were dead, we closed in on him but before we could kill him, the coward slit his own throat.

We continued on to the next room and found a large statue dragon head that seemed to absorb light. We also found a room that looked like some sort of laboratory where they crafted abominations. We found a feeble mortal named Mareri who said that Damius was torturing him. He took us to a device and teleported us to a dream land where a ghostly Leska touched us. When we teleported back to the mortal realm, we are fully refreshed as if we had a full night of rest. We also rescued an eladrin woman name Faquaniel who claimed to be a spy. She told us that this place must have some sort of control over teleportation. I wonder if i will be able to get back to my home in the Feywild this way.

We found the pyromancer’s tomb and robbed that shit.


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Tomb of the Fire Lord

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