Bellum Caeli Flagrantis

The Great Big Spiders Climbed Up the Ruined Spout

After just a short time tracking the attercops’ signs of passage, the party came upon a series of ruins in the swamp, little more than the outlines of buildings and low walls, with an ancient pyramid looming through the rain on the horizon. The party ran into a small number of the dog-sized spiders almost immediately and defeated them handily, although not without disturbing a native the swamp. A hexing creeper, a man-shaped creature made entirely of vines and vegetation lurched its way toward fresh meat, but it was soon defeated by the heroes. They pressed on through the rain and mud to the foot of the ancient pyramid itself. Crawling across its stepped face and through a door at ground level were several more of the huge arachnids, including some larger ones, presumably adults. While battling up and down the pyramid’s stairs and sides, the heroes once again alerted a denizen of the swamp, a bog brute, which Fern rather easily subdued and handled. Finally, the party delved into the interior of the pyramid, in search of the remaining spiders, and found the tomb of an ancient elven leader, unmarred by the passing of the ages. There they discovered the attercops but also were forced to face the elf that was buried in the tomb, now risen as a ghoul, and two of his attendants, fiery skeletons. After a protracted battle, the undead creatures were returned to their rest (minus some fancy loot) and the last of the monstrous spiders exterminated. Although the tomb appeared to allow further access to the pyramid’s depths, the egress was blocked by a huge hexagonal stone that the party was unable to bypass. Determined to ask for advice from the mages at Lyceum, the group reluctantly returned to the Milsoven.

Once back, the party realized that ship was now captain-less and essentially theirs to handle as they saw fit. Unsure whether they were interested in becoming seafarers, the heroes returned the beasts in the hold to a grateful Banahman Vett, who rewarded them handsomely. (It should be noted that Merrick parted with the caged pegasus with extreme reluctance.)

The heroes then found themselves at loose ends for a bit, before remembering that they had told Tiljann that they would help to track down the temple Aquila that was the goal of Etinifi the Bard. Asking the mages for some guidance, the party determined the most likely resting place of the ancient temple and determined to explore it for clues to the missing bard’s location. Before they could head out, though, Merrick was approached by Crystin Ja-Nafeel, who, acting on behalf of Laurabec Adelsburg, a Knight of the Aquiline Cross, sought the diminutive priest/sorcerer’s aid in uniting the fractious religious groups now established in Seaquen and the surrounding refugee camps. According to Crystin, Adelsburg seems to believe that establishing a communal, polytheistic temple, rather than maintaining separate shrines around the area would encourage the various religious leaders to hammer out their differences of interpretation and sometimes violent recruitment/conversion techniques. Crystin departed with the reassurance that it would be looked into.

War News

- The Third Ragesian Army, led by General Revulus, is preparing to march south to Dassen after assisting at Gate Pass, but bad weather has halted it for now. - Meanwhile, the Fourth Ragesian Army attacks Shahalesti around the northern edge of the Otdar Mountains.



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