Bellum Caeli Flagrantis

Swamp, then Seaquen

Part II

The prisoner the Tiefling witch spoke of was none other than Katrina, Rantle’s mage sister. She is also headed to Seaquen, and so we have added yet another to our pilgrimage. In the witches’ desk I found a note. Its message should be regarded with skepticism, of course, considering its source:

Check with Nelebekus

Is “Katrina” a
Ragesian spy?

From what I’ve seen, Katrina is a sultry, saucy flatterer—but a spy? It remains to be seen. Nevertheless, we will keep a close eye on the book.

The witches also kept a collection of glass globes. They are filled with a red fluid, which perspires through the glass like blood from an open wound. They are disgusting, whatever their design.

There are Ragesians in the swamp, with wyvern pets. We spotted one holding one of the blood globes, this one, however, was broken.



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