Bellum Caeli Flagrantis


that's right

The waves shuffled and sloshed up to their waists as they exited the ruined prison. The typhoon raged around them, uprooting trees and scattering debris, threatening to completely destroy Seaquen, and yet their more present concern was Lee Sidoneth, enunciating the nefarious syllables from a ritual scroll. As the wind and waves buffeted them, gargoyles swooped down from above to engage them and Sidoneth’s faithful pet squid, Lulu, attacked from the depths.

Disadvantaged by the terrain, the heroes floundered in the deep water. Merrick called to the wind and flew to the roof, saving him from the threat of drowning but attracting the attention of multiple gargoyles. Fern struggled to stay afloat in the deep water; A spell pulled Sidoneth into the water as well, until he was rescued by a gargoyle. The nimble flight of their attackers combined with the difficulty of traversing the choppy water (squid and all) had scattered the heroes; things looked bad. Finally they made an effort to gain the high ground, and after their initial attempt to strike down the druid himself seemed fruitless, they focused their attacks on his bodyguards, bringing them down one at a time.

Sidoneth relied on a vicious fire-and-ice attack. First Merrick fell, and Quo Varis valiantly surged forward to save him. Van’s mystical un-life kept him fighting in the face of destruction as the gargoyles shredded him with their black claws. Reogar finally escaped from the tentacles of Lulu and made shore as Quo Varis fought to the brink, rescuing Merrick with magic before being trampled by a gargoyle.

After dealing with Van, the hydromancer struck Quo Varis with a mortal blow; the virtuous eladrin would never again rise to defend the realm. Indomitable, Van rose, and fell, and rose to fight again. Merrick had caught his breath and once again began slinging thunderous spells. One, two, three of Sidoneth’s bodyguards were destroyed and the hydromancer began moving to escape, but it was too late; plagued by the party’s spells, he finally gave up the ghost.

Fern picked up the druid’s control rod and commanded the storm to stop, and the winds ceased instantly. Seaquen was saved! But not without its price; the party mourned their eladrin companion as sunlight broke through the clouds for the first time in months. As the living blade began to wither in Quo Varis’ dead grasp, Reogar took it, linking it to his life energy.

As the party sat, sober and exhausted, a great bird appeared in the sky and began circling down towards them. It was (The Eagle), companion of Laurabec, who, as the eagle soon told them, had perished while saving citizens of Seaquen from the storm. He presented the party with her halberd and went away.

The party put the body of Quo Varis on a sled and stumbled into Seaquen, where they were hailed as heroes. The destruction was widespread, but thanks to their efforts, much of the town had been spared. In the wake of everything that had happened, they didn’t really know what to do next.



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