Bellum Caeli Flagrantis

Rain, rain, go away ...

Having decided to stake out the “drop house” by setting up camp within, the party is awakened around midnight by the arrival of a hooded man, cloaked against the continuing drizzle. After a brief chase, Reogar tackled the townsman and hauled him back to be questioned. After some threats and a suspicion that the rather ordinary-seeming fellow may have been subject to some sort of mind-control, the party determined that this man was a member of a sect of White Wyrms, Ragesian terrorists that were acting to aid the eventual conquest of Seaquen. He gave up the location of the terrorists’ hideout: an old mill.

Heading out into the rain-soaked night, the party found the mill and quickly decided to investigate the interior. Unfortunately, the lookout, a cambion in chainmail, wielding a greatsword, gave a shout and alerted the rest of the White Wyrms. Cue a pitched battle with several cambions, their human minions, and Jess, a succubus, that ended with the party bloodied but victorious. Unfortunately, none of the White Wyrms were left alive to be questioned, but the heroes did discover some strange arcane-seeming equipment and machinery parts in the basement, its purpose unclear.

The next day, the party decided to take up Lee Sidoneth‘s offer to introduce them to the headmaster at Lyceum in order to finally complete their original mission and hand over the contents of the case, which they were unable to decipher (even with the help of a Comprehend Languages ritual), to the wizards at the school. Before they left, though, they dropped by The Royale, a tavern on the eastern edge of the Seaquen near the ruins that drop into the sea, keeping an eye out for Nelebekus. Although they learned a bit about the gladiatorial combat that is each evening’s entertainment at the tavern, there was no sign of the mysterious half-elf. Of course, it was ten in the morning …

Before they could head to the school, the party was also visited by Tiljann, who brought with her a gnome bard by the name of Gilver Fern, a friend of the seela who had come to meet Quo Varis and to lay eyes upon the Living Blade. While there, Tiljann asked the party to help her in her quest to track down the legendary seela bard, Etinifi, who, it seems, was last seen in Seaquen trying to track down an ancient temple called the Aquila. The party listened with sympathy and agreed to think about it.

Finally, the heroes met with Simeon Gohanach, headmaster of Lyceum, Dougan Rambausen, an expert on artifacts, and Kiernan Stekart, head of the newly created War Department at Lyceum. The three wizards confirmed that the book that was within the Ragesian case was written in supernal, with a difficult-to-unscramble cypher. Apparently the book was penned by none other than Kreven, second-in-command to Leska, herself. It refers to the Scourge, a movement in which thousands of “disloyal” mages will be rounded up, but also suggests that there is some other purpose to these arrests. The book goes on to describe the trillith, creatures of which the wizards seemed unaware. The party agreed to let the professors continue to examine the book and were told they would be contacted about further insights. On the way out of the school, the heroes were met by Banahman Vett, another Lyceum instructor who had heard of the heroes by reputation. He explained that a shipment of exotic creatures, including a pegasus, a girallon, and some stirges, among others, had been delayed, as its ship, the Milsoven, had mired just off the coast of the swamp to the west of Seaquen. Vett offered the party a handsome reward if they could retrieve the beasts before they all starved to death on the stranded ship. Agreeing, the party trekked out to the ship via raft, only to discover a horrible sight. It seemed that the shipment of attercops, spiders the size of hyenas, had escaped and attacked the Milsoven’s crew, killing the captain and another sailor. The remaining crew members had been encased in webbing, implanted with eggs, and hung from the ship’s rigging. After rescuing the surviving crew members, the heroes determined to head into the swamp, following the tell-tale path of spider webs, in an effort to track down the spiders and prevent them from turning the oft-traveled swamp into a new arachnid hunting-ground …

War News
– The First Ragesian Army, led by General Magdus, Coaltongue’s successor, has ceased hostilities because of bad weather. The army now roams the eastern plains of Sindaire, pillaging towns to feed its troops.
– A fleet from Ragesia is sailing for the capital of Sindaire, and the leaders of Seaquen suspect the First Ragesian Army will link up with the fleet in the coming weeks.



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