Bellum Caeli Flagrantis


We fought the Ragesians in the mud. The one who lived longest suggested that Nelebekus was working for the other team. A letter found on the Ragesian captain fought in the swamp (reprinted below) suggested that there would be a large-scale attack on Sequin that somehow would occur from within.

We finally made our way into Seaquen. Katrina headed off and then we realized we’d had a letter to give her the whole time and failed.

We went to talk to Lee Sidoneth, an old mentor of Torrent’s, who was an eclectic old chap with a pet squid and very shady friends. In fact, one of them really matched the description of Nelebekus (shoulder length brown hair, ugly for a half-elf [but he is a half-orc?], bad teeth), which was too bad because we had thought Nelebelicious was on our side. While we were talking to Lee, the shady looking character with the shoulder length hair headed into the swamp.

Also no one in town seemed to realize that Seaquen was under blockade by the elves. [DM note: Primarily because it has not been. You guys received advanced warning.]

We wanted to pursue these leads further but first we needed to go to Lyceum.

Before meeting with Lee, we went to the market to get some supplies. There, an off-duty guardsman gave us the message that someone was looking for us, a woman named Jess, who could identify us by description. The man led us to an abandoned house in another part of town where there was seemingly no one to meet and nothing to find.

This is the note we picked up from the Ragesian Commander:


Your journey will be dangerous, but you further Ragesia’s glory. The druid’s orb and its control rod are in the proper hands. Use the locator to find the entrance and then stay there until everything is done. Enjoy Seaquen’s destruction, gain its surrender, and return.

We will be waiting.


War News
– In Gate Pass, the war wizard Gabal, believed to have gone into hiding, emerged once the city council let the Ragesian Inquisitors inside the walls. While Gate Pass soldiers kept the Inquisitors busy, Gabal and his students assaulted the Ragesian camps outside the gates. Reported losses for the Ragesians were nearly two thousand in one day. One of the Inquisitors, however, managed to locate Gabal and dispel his fire protection, and a mighty firebreathing dragon incinerated the mage.
– In the aftermath, the Second Ragesian Army, commanded by General Ashok Danava and aided by the Third Army, breached the first district gate of Gate Pass. The Shahalesti are believed to be providing supplies to Gate Pass, forcing Ragesia to turn from siege to assault.



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