Bellum Caeli Flagrantis

It Was Much Better Than 'Cats'

When last we met our intrepid heroes, they were spending several days in the Lyceum library, searching for information about the ancient pyromancer, Damatarion. After a great deal of research, they were able to discover that his tomb was located somewhere in the ruins on the eastern tip of Seaquen’s peninsula and that it contained a connection of some sort to an elemental plane of fire, hence the “natural” geothermal activity around Seaquen. Unfortunately, they were unable to pinpoint its location any further than learning that an old prison, known as the Carcer Tevensum had been built above its ruins.

While Van, Quo Varis, and Fern rifled the library, Merrick arranged for the sale of the Milsoven and donated the proceeds to Laurabec Adelsburg and her effort to construct a polytheistic temple as a rallying point for Seaquen’s diverse religions. Even though he was impressed by her talking eagle mount, Takasi, and was invited by Jrestaki, the head of the refugee Ragesian cult of Kord, to participate further, Merrick showed little interest in personally involving himself in the plan to unite the fractious clerics. Laurebec thanked Merrick for his donation, and he went his own way.

Finally, the day arrived for the Wayfarer’s performance of ‘The Spectacular Trial of Toteth Tolpec.’ As they watched the play with Katrina, Giorgio, the Wayfarer ambassador to the Lyceum war council and leading man in the performance, was spotted heading to the deck of the Wayfarer’s floating theater, wiping blood from his hands. Quickly alerting the various dignitaries to trouble, the heroes chased after Giorgio and discovered him beginning to operate the ship’s teleportation device, a trip that would kill everyone on board, particularly given the barrels of explosive material that had been brought onboard. After a pitched battle, including Brutus (Nelebekus?) and his brother, Setales, as well as a homicidal halfling, the heroes managed to prevent the teleportation of the ship with mere seconds to spare. Meanwhile, the incessant rain that the heroes had experienced over the last couple of weeks picked up to stormier levels, whipping the seas into a choppy mess. Interestingly, the party seemed to avoid the worst of the wind and weather, even though those around them were being soaked and buffeted by the storm.

Back at Lyceum, Gorgio revealed that his plan to teleport the ship and leave eladrin corpses as scapegoats had been engineered by Lee Sidoneth (to no great surprise). Also, of interesting note, the blood globes of the swamp had finally be analyzed by Dougan Rambausen and determined to be the source of the heroes’ invulnerability to the rapidly worsening storm. Taking a force, the heroes went in search of Lee Sidoneth at his home but found it abandoned, They managed to find a small locked coffer in the basement laboratory but felt it wasn’t worth the time to discover its contents as the storm reached hurricane-level strength around them. Finally, Fern used her ability to sense the currents of the wind and determined that the eye of the storm was fixed over a particular spot in the ruins, and reasoning that it might be associated with the source of the storm, the party headed out. They left behind their allies, though, who were unable to make much progress in the storm.

Following the eye of the storm, the party located the Carcer Tevensum and descended into its ruined remains, in search of Sidoneth. Again, they encountered aberrant sea spawn, as if someone had crafted creatures out of spare parts. After dispatching the creatures (and some leftover rats), they party continues into the depths of the prison.



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